Updated: Dec 3, 2020

We first met Matt of Little Torch Ceramics several years ago whilst we were researching Manchester creatives and makers for a documentary.

We were immediately struck by Matt's meticulous and unwavering dedication to his craft. Prior to our meeting, Matt had been a professional cyclist, and it was evident in watching him work that he applied the same principles of competition and continuous improvement to his work as a ceramicist.

Never in our lives had we met somebody that was prepared to destroy hours of work because it wasn't exactly how they wanted it to be - but Matt did.

Matt is particularly skilled at throwing (the process of shaping clay at the wheel), and it is a great pleasure to watch him work - he is able to create pot after pot after pot by hand and somehow maintain almost perfectly consistent sizing. Anyone that has ever tried their hand at throwing will know this is by no means an easy feat.

In Matt's own words, he is extremely competitive and applies the same mentality he had towards competitive sport to his ceramics - always striving to perfect every aspect of the process.