This wine is made on a family farm in Imereti in central west Georgia, using the ultra-rare Dondghlabi grape.


The grapes spend four months macerating on their skins (and nine months in *Qvevri in total), creating a wine that's somehow light-gold in colour and light bodied with hits of wild herbs and grapefruit. This lightness is  unusual for the amount of skin contact time in the Qvevri - sitting somewhere between a white and orange wine.


Here's some words from Archil: “Dondghlabi is an old Imeretian variety of grape, very common 60-70 years ago, but now on the verge of extinction. My ancestors loved this wine so much that I decided to recover it. 2019’s Dondglabi is the first vintage for me. I only have 400 bottles of it. It is considered as one of the lightest wines. Skin contact is 100% for 4 months, but it’s still light, with different varietal aromas.”


*a Qvevri is a Georgian wine making vessel that is buried underground to ferment or store wine.

Archil Guniava Dondghlabi White 2019

VAT Included
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