For those not in the know, BRUTAL! is a white label that winemakers can use in collaboration with the "Brutal Wine Corporation", with the aim of releasing more experimental cuvées. In keeping with this spirit, Axel still uses the Brutal name when trying new things. It can be argued that the BRUTAL! label has been diluted over time - no longer a symbol for counter-culture, adventure and the unknown... but that's an argument for another day!


For his 2018 vintage he used whole bunches of Grenache which were left to macerate untouched for 11 months, resulted in a more structured and fuller-bodied wine than the ones Axel is known for.


Expect this one to be extremely interesting and a little bit wild, with a hint of spice and umami savouriness (and maybe even some volatile acidity).


This wine is extremely limited!


Sustainable organic fruits, no added sulfur, completly vegan and veggie friendly.




Importer's notes:

"According to Axel, the spirit of Brutal is to constantly experiment, so this is rather different to his normal cuvées. Whole bunches of his finest Grenache Noir from 2018 were put straight into a small stainless steel tank, where they were left to macerate for 11 months without any interference. Surprisingly it’s not as tannic as one might expect, but with obviously more structure than the regular cuvées. Certainly a wild edge to it, but balanced and full of interest. This will reward those patient enough to cellar it.


Based in the hills just north of Béziers, deep in the Languedoc, Axel has been at the forefront of the natural wine scene in France for nearly two decades. Despite farming vineyards in some of the most inhospitable parts of the region, where rainfall is almost nonexistent throughout the year, he produces seemingly weightless wines that carry a wealth of character.


The 2019 vintage was a welcome relief for Axel after a very challenging 2018 when he lost over half of his grapes to disease and wild boar. Although the boar did have a good go at his Chardonnay once again (seemingly this happens every year) the harvest was bountiful and the wines are drinking wonderfully."

Axel Prüfer Le Temps des Cerises Brutal 2018

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