The term "Glou-Glou" was invented for this wine, and if there was ever a wine to be served as a magnum it's this. Seriously drinkable with lovely low ABV, expect crunchy cranberries and raspberries with some subtle herbaceous notes. Technically red, but can also be considered a fuller and more structured rose.


Be sure to serve this chilled.


Sustainable organic fruits, no added sulfur, completely vegan and veggie friendly.




Importer's notes:

"From the first pick of Axel's Cinsault plot. The grapes were macerated in whole bunches for 5 days before being pressed off to cuve. Technically a red wine but, for all intents and purposes, a rosé. Wonderful pale salmon colour and light as a feather on the palate. This is a wine that we look forward to every year and although it is under 10% it provides a surprising amount of detail of white flowers and grapefruit pith on the palate, not to mention unparalleled refreshment.


Based in the hills just north of Béziers, deep in the Languedoc, Axel has been at the forefront of the natural wine scene in France for nearly two decades. Despite farming vineyards in some of the most inhospitable parts of the region, where rainfall is almost nonexistent throughout the year, he produces seemingly weightless wines that carry a wealth of character.


The 2019 vintage was a welcome relief for Axel after a very challenging 2018 when he lost over half of his grapes to disease and wild boar. Although the boar did have a good go at his Chardonnay once again (seemingly this happens every year) the harvest was bountiful and the wines are drinking wonderfully."

Axel Prüfer Le Temps des Cerises Capitulation Ne Paie Pas 2019 Magnum

VAT Included
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