What the hell is Piquette??


Technically not a wine as it's not fermented grapes, Piquette is made from the byproduct of the winemaking process. Water is added to all the leftover good bits (skins, stems, seeds, you name it - it's all going in) known as grape pomace, then left to ferment with whatever sugars are left over.


This technique isn't some new hip thing - in fact, it's old as hell! The process yields a drink that's a little wild, low ABV, fizzy and next-level easy drinking. Expect BK's take to be red berry heavy with a little spicy tang.


Swap the wine glass for a tumbler and serve it straight from the fridge.


Minimal intervention, sustainably sourceed fruit, no added anything. No fining or filtration so is 100% vegan and veggie-friendly.

BK Wines Nice Nice Piquette 2020

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