BK Wines, purveyors in fun, interesting and easy drinkers from Down Under. Ice cream soda and strawberry shortbread immediately come to mind when describing this wild berry bomb. Packed tight with strawberries, raspberries and some yeasty funk... brace yourself for fireworks! We'd probably open this one over the sink or outside just in case! Minimal intervention, sustainably sourced fruit, no added anything. No fining or filtration so is 100% vegan and veggie-friendly. ***CAN BE WILD - SERVE EXTRA COLD AND OPEN SLOWLY*** ***** Words from the winemaker:"Oh gracious this is so delicious it’s a bit dangerous, but looks can be deceiving. Pet Nat gets its fizz by sitting on its own lees, which means that your lovely clear bottle of rosé sitting peacefully on the table, once opened, is suddenly full of roiling, churning sediment. Don’t be concerned! You’ve done nothing wrong and you’ve made a great choice! You know those evenings that start off well made up and pretty and end up on the dance floor with smeared mascara and shoeless? Dishevelled but still beautiful, that’s Pet Nat. Wildly moussey and attractive. Another summertime must-have. 100% Lenswood Pinot Noir. Whole-bunch pressed to concrete ‘egg’ fermenter. Fermented until nearly dry."

BK Wines Petillant Natural Pinot Noir 2020

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