Bottled sunshine!
A little bit tart, a little bit grapefruit and a dash of strawberry on the finish. Super light with the right amount of fizz and acidity - Pet Nat doesn’t get more easy-drinking than this.
No added anything - organic with no fining or filtration. 100% vegan and veggie-friendly.
Serve super chilled and go easy when opening - just in case!
Words from the winemaker:
"Ocean spray. A walk on the beach at sunset. A bag of sherbet and a pink lemonade from the kiosk. Memories. Or the adult version: you passed out, woke up sandy, someone stole your backpack. Classic you. Pinot Noir - Savagnin - Chardonnay all direct pressed.
Our 2020 Pash Rash sees pinot rubbing shoulders with some friends. Why? The ferments hummed along so healthily we had to slow them down with sweet juice. A good challenge to have, it’s kinda same but different this year, gentle fizz, the pinot bringing the fun, while the savagnin brings some adult supervision to the proceedings, with the faintest whiff of brioche at the end. Sophisticated? Nah. But a bit more chic for sure."

Borachio Pash Rash Rose Pet Nat 2020

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