Pinot Grigio like you’ve ever never seen before. This magical looking elixir of pink haze is fully natural, unfined, unfiltered and slightly sparkling. No herbicides, pesticides or fungicides are used at Cantina Furlani. The vinyard is biodynamic and they add no added sulphur.


The juice is fermented twice, like Champagne (once in tank and once in the bottle). Unlike Champagne, it has no added sugar or yeast to produce the necessary carbon dioxide - how much bubble you get is down to the timing of the winemaker, the fruit and Mama Nature's mood.


Matteo Furlani's wine is oh-so-dreamy, and that isn't limited to the aesthetic pleasure of the wine. The wine is super dry, with notes of tart strawberry and fresh citrus. Pure magic and sunshine in a bottle - gosh knows we all need it right now!

Cantina Furlani Macerato 2019

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