Fully natural and unfiltered, made with wild yeast and no added sulphites, this strikingly deep red wine is young (2020 vintage - not everything was bad this year!) crunchy, bright and as juicy as the colour suggests. The spaceship looking thing on the lable is the 1970s  fibreglass tank that the wine was aged in for a short time.


Super fresh and yet cosy too; coming in at a low 10.5% it's a pleasure to glug.



About the winemaker:

"‘No chemistry in the vineyard, no technology in the cellar, natural wine’ read many of the label on the bottles of Conestabile della Staffa. For more than 200 years from the 1700s, Conestabile della Staffa produced some of the finest wines in the region but with two world wars came a diminished farming workforce and from 1956, the estate ceased to make anything, forcing the vineyard to sell off their grapes each year over the subsequent decades to make other people’s wine... and then Danilo Marcucci came along. Former student of architecture and one-time Umbrian wine-seller, Danilo turned to natural winemaking in the early 2000s after discovering first-hand what the chemicals in industrially produced wines can do to the body."

Conestabile della Staffa Nuovo 2020

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