DEYA seriously need to make more mixed-ferm brews!


Blend 3 is jammy, tart and not too funky - a proper easy drinker at 5% ABV.


Vegan/veggie friendly


↓↓↓ Peep the brewer’s description below ↓↓↓




Notes from the brewer:

"Blend 3 is a mixed fermentation ale with raspberry. The base beer is a blend of 1-2 year old beers conditioned in ex. wine barrels. Before packaging, this Blend spent 4 weeks on 225g/l of raspberries. Blend 3 (5%) is bright, funky and tart with a beautiful raspberry jaminess – the Blend is fruity and complex, yet refreshing to drink. This beer is Vegan friendly!"

DEYA Blend 3 Barrel Aged Ale with Raspberries

VAT Included
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