"The first ever vintage of this wine. 100% Lledoner Pelut from 80 year old vines on Le Pilou. The grapes are pressed directly and aged in fibre glass. Bottled with residual sugar, the resulting wine is peach hued, cloudy with notes of strawberries, stone fruits and a lactic tart hit. No added sulphur."




About the winemaker:

"Sébastien Agelet of Domaine de Mena (from nature in Catalan) is based in the Hautes Corbières, wedged between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean. Seb grew up in the vines. Much like his father and grandfather before him he used to sell his entire production to the co-operative each year, until in 2012 he decided to experiment and with the guidance of a natural winemaker friend from the village, he made his first cuvée. Much to Seb’s surprise making wine turned out to be relatively easy. He likens winemaking to cooking. If you start with excellent ingredients then the less you manipulate them the better. This seems to sum up Sébastien’s winemaking style pretty well. The vast majority of the work is in the vines. Then, the wines more or less make themselves.


Since 2012, Sébastien has sold off parts of his family’s vineyard. He still sells some grapes to the co-op but for his own production he focuses on just 10ha of his very best plots, gnarled old bush vines, mostly indigenous varieties perfectly suited to this hot windy region. His plots are predominantly situated on and around the rocky clay and limestone hill called Le Pilou, protected on its perimeter by garrigue scrub and forest, it’s exposed to the fierce Tramuntana winds that bellow in off the Pyrenees, blowing away the humidity from the sea, acting as a natural prevention from diseases such as mildew and oidium. Sébastian’s wines are reflections of this region which is pure, wild and dramatic. It’s a hot dry region and the wines are powerful, though they have a balance that comes with purity of fruit and a fresh light touch. In Seb’s own words the wines are made by nature."


Domaine de Mena Contak 2019

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