We've teamed up with our friend Little Torch Ceramics again to create a run of limited edition white, pink and grey carafes.


This carafe is a one of fully pink design with a chattered surface and white bottom swirl.


Handmade and thrown in Manchester by Matt Cronshaw of Little Torch Ceramics. Made with a blend of white and coloured porcelains, finished with a traditional texture that breaks the surface and reveals the natural flow of layers of each colour, creating an organic look that contrasts the contemporary clean lines of the carafe's form. 


Each carafe is handmade, unique and one of a kind! Pattern, finish and height will vary between each carafe. 


Use as a vessel to hold and serve wine at dinnertime (or soft drinks, coffee, water... whatever floats your boat). Why not pair with a set of It's Alive Tumblers?



LITTLE TORCH x IT'S ALIVE Porcelain Carafe - Pink

VAT Included
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