Here's something super fresh and textural for those seeking a little more from thier regualr white. Dry, refreshing, aromatic, tropical and creamy - think kiddie apricot yogurt. Its top!


Organic, biodynamic, 100% vegan and veggie-friendly.




Notes on the winemaker:

"Loxarel is one of the labels produced by Can Mayol, run by the Mitjan family. For over a decade now they have farmed the vines organically and even use some biodynamic methods. Mitjan have even got some amphorae that they are experimenting with as part of their commitment to produce quality, minimal intervention wines. They keep animals, including chickens, a horse and a donkey named Garnatxa. The 14th century house which the estate is built around is not far from Vilafranca, and around half of the vines are here. The other half lie at 800 metres altitude, around half an hour away up an incredibly steep track! Things are kept simple and traditional here - you won't find state of the art machinery - instead they rely on smaller production that they can keep a close eye on, producing honest and approachable wines."

Loxarel Cora Blanco 2020

VAT Included
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