Kinda cidery spritzer type situation going on here. Think a Piquette style Pet Nat. Utterly refreshing!




Winemakers notes:

"Low alcohol, naturally carbonated co-ferment made by the rehydration of organic Riesling grape pomace immediately after the free-run wine is removed. We hydrate with water and organic apple juice and allow the fermentation to continue in bottle to carbonate naturally.


We end up with a light, refreshing 5.5% alkuviini spritzer whilst using our grape skins a second time #zerowaste


Green apple, gooseberry and lemon on the nose. Light and refreshing on the palette.


Unfined, unfiltered, suitable for vegans. 

Pair with a feta and apple salad or as a light palette cleanser for BBQ food. "

NOITA Winery Riesling Skin Contact Pet Nat

VAT Included
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