Patrice clearly takes a lot of inspiration from jazz when concocting his wines and their names... this one is names after a Jaco Pastorius tune. In the "Three Views of A Secret" band is the Alsace trio of Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris and Muscat who were macerated in their skins for 4 weeks... and my word... the colour! An irresistible pinkish orange - If delicious had a colour it would be this for sure! 


Biodynamic, organic, 100% vegan/veggie friendly.




About the winemaker:

"Patrice Beguet has a vineyard is located in Mesnay, a little village a stone’s throw from Arbois in the Les Planches-près-Arbois gorge. Patrice cultivates roughly four hectares of vines in the Arbois and Arbois Pupillin appellation areas, witha majority of Savagnin for the whites and Ploussard for the reds. All the wines are fermented only with wild yeasts, never chaptalized to increase the degree of alcohol and are produced from vines sprayed with the lowest possible doses of copper, thanks to the use of herbal concoctions which strengthen and regulate the vines’ natural defences."

Patrice Beguet Three Views of a Secret 2019 Skin Contact

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