From Jan Zaborsky, the winemaker behind the Pivnica Brhlovce winery, comes this light and delicate frizzante style of sparkling wine. Technically it is a light red pet nat, but we'd say its more like a deep rose with some effervescence. Fresh, juicy, fruity and with just the right amount of acidity and body. They nailed it with this one!


Jan has labelled this a "Romantic Pet Nat" that pairs well with intimate dinners and some intellectual chat... Bla Bla Bla... but we're labeling it liquid red berry Solero!


Set in village of Brhlovce – which itself is a UNESCO heritage site, Jan's vineyards sit on rolling hills with shallow soils and bedrock of compressed volcanic ashes. He is also a farmer and keeps in touch with the vineyards, fields and animals throughout the whole year. His micro-production of 8,000 bottles makes his wines scarce.


Nothing added, with no fining or filtration. Contains only natural sulphur from the skins and yeasts from wild fermentation. 100% vegan and veggie-friendly.




Notes from winemaker:

"Grapes of Blaufränkisch grapes were hand-harvested in 50+ years old vineyard, and right away crushed and pressed. Juice then fermented in stainless steel tank at low temperature. At 16g/L of sugar fermenting juice was bottled, where the fermentation continued."

Pivnica Brhlovce Bla Bla Pet-Nat 2020

VAT Included
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