Brand new cuvee from the Pradarolo estate and lil' sister to Podere's much loved "Vej" - she's more fruity with hits of tangerine and crisp apple. Seriously drinkable and with a low abv of 10.5% it's fun, easy going and delicious!


About the maker:


"The Pradarolo estate has been a certified organic farm since 2004, and hey have opted to enforce strict rules and guidelines for their winemaking. This includes the total absence SO2; use of native yeasts only; no filtration, clarification, and stabilization; and no interventions such as sugaring or must concentration. They ferment their grapes at uncontrolled temperatures with prolonged macerations of 30 days to 9 months (or more!), and their wines are typical of the local tradition to indigenous grapes."

Podere Pradarolo Ex Alba 2019