Single-varietal Blanc de Noirs made from Saint Laurent grapes.


Hand-harvested from a 20 year-old vineyard with loess and loam soils.


A very energetic, refreshing profile with hints of cherries and mulberries on the nose.


Structured taste profile with lower level of yeastiness.



As it is completely natural, this wine can be very active - take care when opening and serve super chilled.




About the winemaker:

"Robert Osička is a natural winemaker from Velké Bílovice, the largest wine village in the Czech Republic. He is the eldest son of Jaroslav Osička, who is one of the founders of the Moravian Authentists and who along with Robert’s grandfather taught him everything he knows about winemaking. Robert’s focus is on sparkling wines; after seeing the proliferation of petnats he decided to go back to the classic method of secondary fermentation in the bottle.



Robert works with local grape varieties of the region, which provide unusual twists to the

taste profiles and nose of the wines. Base wines are aged both in stainless steel tanks and old

oak barrels and are unfined and unfiltered. Minimal to no sulphites are used in production

and all of the wines are vegan.


He started making traditional method natural bubbles with a clean and crisp profile - as a

devoted fan of Sex Pistols, the name was obvious – Punkista."

Punkista Vavřinec Brut 2017

VAT Included
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