"So Sangiovese is generally the principal grape used in Chianti. That famous Silence of the Lambs wine. This wine is no Chianti. Why not? Well to be a Chianti, you need to, amongst other things, grow the grapes in Tuscany. These grapes are grown a lot further south, in the heel of Italy in Puglia.


This wine was made by destemming the grapes over a wire mesh by hand. Essentially we rub the bunches and let the grapes drop through into the fermentation tank. We do this so as to be very gentle and reduce skin breakage. The grapes then start fermenting spontaneously, without the addition of any yeast - otherwise known as wild fermentation. Naturally present yeasts are already within the winery environment and on the grape skins. Think sourdough. No additions of sugar, nutrients, or de-acidification methods/any other winemaking was used to make this wine.


The grapes are left to ferment in contact with the skins (with daily manual punch downs) for nearly 4 weeks before being pressed off and transferred back to stainless steel for ageing. We also aged a small portion in new French oak barrels. 


What’s the wine like? Soft, fresh, fruity, velvety, tastes of violets and nutmeg. Medium/light body/colour. Soft tannins. Gentle soft oak. 


Who is Josh? Josh is a very interesting bloke. An army veteran who has overcome some pretty difficult and impressive challenges. A triple amputee due to an IED explosion in Afghanistan, Josh is an accomplished adventurer and qualified SCUBA rescue diver (yes, qualified after the accident) and also a prolific cyclist (using his arms). Just before the photo shoot for his label, he was involved in a massive bike accident in Mallorca. He went under a lorry when his wheel blew out at 25mph. This almost killed him, but he still made it to Renegade for a few photos and some vino! Good lad. "

Renegade Urban Winery Josh 2019

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