"This wine was made by destemming the grapes over a wire mesh by hand. Essentially we rub the bunches and let the grapes drop through into the fermentation tank. We do this so as to be very gentle and reduce skin breakage. The grapes then start fermenting spontaneously, without the addition of any yeast - otherwise known as wild fermentation. Naturally present yeasts are already within the winery environment and on the grape skins. Think sourdough. No additions of sugar, nutrients, or de-acidification methods/any other winemaking was used to make this wine.


The grapes were detemmed and left to ferment in our Georgian Qvevri, essentially a large, amphora style vessel. Grapes were left on the skins for 102 days before being pressed off and transferred back into the Qvevri to age.


The wine was bottled unfiltered and unfined, with only very minimal additions of sulphur to help the wine age in bottle and minimise oxidation.


What’s the wine like? Well as it’s completely unfiltered and unfined it’s very slightly hazy to look at in the glass. Even though it has had 102 days on skins, it’s not a waxy, orange wine. It’s a more peachy and fresh and very aromatic white. Why? Well 2019 was a good year in the UK but it ended up wet and cold. I know as we picked almost every vineyard in the rain!!!It's got an elderflower and white peach nose. It’s quite light and delicate on the palate. It’s not what you would expect from a wine of this style. Again, because we don’t chaptilise (add sugar to grape juice) the 2019 vintage was slightly lower in alcohol and also slightly higher in acidity. It is a wine of the year it was made in. It’s a sessionable summer sizzler.


Who is Rahul? He is a mysterious man. A researcher who lives in North London and also moonlights in the craft beer and wine space."


Very minimal sulphur added, unfined/unfiltered, 100% vegan and veggie friendly.

Renegade Urban Winery Rahul 2019 Qvevri Bacchus

VAT Included
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