Want to get into the world of spontaneous, mixed fermentation beers but don't know where to start?


Maybe you're feeling particularly indecisive today?


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    Or perhaps you tried a naff "sour" beer down your local pub and now you think that every sour beer in the world tastes like sherbet lemons?


    Well you've come to the right place behbeh - we've put together a selection of our favorite proper mixed fermentation beers which we believe are an excellent starting point for any newbie, hater or undecided alike.


    In this pack, you will get the boujee and out of this world 3 Fonteinen, the classic and one-of-a-kind Oude Gueze Boon, and the luxurious and down to earth Duchesse de Bourgogne.


    Oooh la la.


    This is our Traditional Belgian Sour Starter Pack.