Here's our first by winemaker Ján Svetík, a true artisan that crafts his wines (by hand and time) in the Volcanic soils of Levice in western Slovakia.


This bright orange wine is floral and aromotic, with notes of apricot and stone fruits thrown in for kicks - we'd say this one is ready for some spicy South East Asian food.


The label art is very important to Ján; his winemaking philosophy is to never rush, allowing the wine the time it needs to do it's thing. Hence, the labels illustrate the passing of time... stroke by stroke.


Only a tiny amount of sulphur is added, with no fining or filtration. 100% vegan and veggie-friendly.




Notes from winemaker:

"Three grape varieties Welschriesling, Rhine Riesling and Gewurztraminer in St. Urban vineyard. Grapes were then crushed and let to ferment on skins for 21 days. After gentle pressing wine aged in old oak barrels for 8 months on fine leet. Bottled with a small dose of Sulfites."

Svetík Saint Orange #2 2019

VAT Included
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