Some words from the makers:

"Our newest Coolship release - this time celebrating local Somerset grapes! This beer has been made by our team footstomping grapes in our coolships, fermented in our ex-wine foudres and matured in wine barrels. We have then blended the grape beer with some of our barrels of spontaneously fermented Coolship beer, inoculated by the wild cultures in our brewery, to create a complex and elegant wine and sour beer hybrid.


2 vintages of 2018 and 2019 Chardonnay juice, from local vineyards, have helped create a truly delicate, and unique beverage. The tannins from the grape must and barrels, complement the complexities of the fruit, the full body and the subtle acidity balance beautifully. This is a complex hybrid of oak, local grapes and spontaneously fermented beer that is a truly unique experience.





Hay, Over-ripe peach


Lightly tart, White grape juiciness


Lasting sweetness, Smooth, Full-bodied


Drink now or age"


Available in 750ml bottle and Vegan Friendly

The Wild Beer Co Coolship 2020 Grape Edition BA Sour

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