This is a light and scrumptious rosé from Valli Unite thats been naturally sparkled via the ancestral method... that's single fermentation in the bottle! 


It's a floral, fruity and lively wine with a freshness that makes it such an easy drinker.


Makes for an awesome celebration sparkler or a fresh and clean aperitif!


Organic, biodynamic, no added sulphites, no fining, vegan/veggie friendly.




About the winemaker:

"Valli Unite, born in 1981 as certified organic cooperative of work in Costa Vescovato, from the strong determination of 3 autoctone young farmers to resist to land abandon and stay in agriculture, joined very soon form people with different culture, study and professional skills, to enable a different life style, where income is not the main value.


Valli Unite today is a group of 35 people , working 100 hectares, 25 at vineyard the rest pasture ,forage, cereals, vegetable garden and wood .


Wine making is the main economy branch with deep farmers’ rooths, year after year harvest experience and new knowledge.


Natural vinification has been the consequence of our nature, in the belief that wine has the expression of our land, the flavour of our white clay , the sense of being farmers, sociality, music and art.


Member of Vinnatur."



Valli Unite Il Rose & The Beast 2019

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