A firm fav and quintessential orange wine from Glasgow-born Italain wizard, Fabio Bartolomei, whose been making wines over in Spain that follow a completly hands off approach - a true Artisan!


Aromatic, peachy with hints of almond... such an amazing colour too! We would tilt the bottle a few times before pouring to evenly distribute that haze!!


The process:

"Maceration on the skins for two days, followed by soft pressing with a very low pressure type cage hydraulic press. Fermentation took place in stainless steel deposits. There is no temperature control, fermentation takes place at room temperature in the cellar which is around 25 ° C in October.

Aging: racked in amphora where it rests for 5 months. Without added sulphites. A good percentage of the bottles are recycled and the corks are all made of natural cork from a sustainable forest cork plantation in the province of Salamanca. No petroleum-based polluting plastic caps or aluminum caps are used."



Vinos Ambiz Alba 2019 Orange

VAT Included
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