Independent craft brewery White Hag from Sligo, on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, brew innovative and ground breaking beers inspired by ancient and classic styles.


Bean Gulbann Irish Heather is a barrel aged sour, made from a resurrection of an ancient beer style brewed in Ireland from the neolithic era up until the 1700's.


They used Irish Heather flowers in place of hops to balance the sweet, rich malts, and peat-smoked barley to replicate the flavours produced by the ancient practice of heating the brew using turf-fired stones. They then inoculated and fermented the wort using wild yeasts from the Heather to produce the characteristic sourness of these ancient wile ales. They then aged tin a classic French red wine barrel for extra depth of flavour.


Simultaneously citrusy and fruity but earthy and spicy, this is a completely wild and interesting beer you have to try.

White Hag - Beann Gulbann Irish Heather BA Sour 375ml

VAT Included
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