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It’s Alive is a curated, one-stop-shop for a range of natural and low intervention wines, craft beers and ferments that have one thing in common: THEY’RE ALIVE!

We are obsessed with the processes, artistry and ingenuity of winemaking and beer brewing, but have always been frustrated at how the world of wine and craft beer can feel huge, overwhelming and sometimes exclusive. So have done the hard work for you by curating the best of the best, described in a way everyone can understand. The wines, beers and foods we sell vary by seasonality, trends and allocations, so our range is ever-changing but there will always be something new to discover.


Our focus is on wines that are easy-drinking, well balanced and great for everyday drinking mixed with some that are more contemplative. We select beers that sit well alongside these wines, with a particular focus on UK and Belgium brewers who have a keen sense of experimentation in mixed-fermentation, sour and barrel-aged brews.

We aren’t evangelists with a 20ft rulebook of what constitutes a “proper natural wine” or a “real beer”. Instead, we look for products that have the lowest possible human or chemical intervention, that speak of the place (or terroir) and the people that made it. Our makers are artisans and artists that all have their own unique methods and techniques that aren’t used in large “conventional" winemaking and brewing.

We also don't feed into the dogma that surrounds the label “natural” wine. Instead, we use it as a general description to sum up the types of wine we are most passionate about. Simply put, wine that is produced with sustainable, organic or biodynamic principles, fermented with wild/indigenous yeast and made with minimal intervention.


We began this project in lockdown as an online store, the kind of bottle shop we felt we wanted but didn’t exist in Greater Manchester or beyond. As our project continues to grow and evolve, we are constantly contemplating the principles we built our brand on and how we can continue to grow and improve.


There is certainly more to come as we look into life post-lockdown!

It’s Alive

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